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About Us ....

BRAY YACHT DESIGN AND RESEARCH LTD., Naval Architects, Project Managers, Interior Designers, and Marine Consultants, provide services to private individuals, companies, organizations, and governments engaged in marine transportation, ocean engineering, pleasure craft, and projects relating to the marine environment.

Expertise is available for preparation of conceptual, preliminary, and complete designs from lines, model testing, construction drawings, presentation profiles, sections, rigging and shafting drawings, specification books, costing out, shop flow charts, and project management, including the conversion of existing equipment. For research and development, technical studies and reports concerning structures, propulsion, stability, weight, and feasibility and operational aspects of all types of marine equipment. Facilities include dedicated equipment for open water testing of model hulls for research and development.

Research is a part of our name and large part of our work. It is a commitment to an ongoing quest for excellence in design. Our custom and stock plans reflect this commitment, with attention to detail, comfort, safety, and of course performance.

The Company's design and consultative responsibility has included all types of pleasure, commercial, and special-purpose vessels using foam cored and composite fiberglass, wood epoxy, steel, and aluminium materials. Vessels embodying our direct design, conversion, and construction participation are in use in North and South America, The People's Republic of China, the Middle East, Europe and Australia.

Research and model testing is a big part of our work. We design and build plating models, models for testing, and models for display. In-house projects are ongoing and our own development of super fuel-efficient pleasure craft includes model testing in Dalian and Shanghai, P.R. of China, as well as here in Canada. Work is also being carried out on appendages for improving rolling and pitching motions of long-range motoryachts while at the same time improving fuel economy. In addition we are working on evaluation and analysis of ballast/displacement ratios, as well as the development of new building systems. Participation in testing programs has included work on Boeing Marine System's Jet Foil into Dover Harbor Project, military research on 100 knot planing hulls, and S.W.A.T.H.s, as well as evaluation of the "Orca" class patrol vessel hull.

Award - Winning Design
Patrick J. Bray was awarded First Place in the Salon Nautico International de Barcelona / Madrid Diseno de Yates Awards, Conceptual Category for Technical Innovation and Yacht Design, at the Barcelona International Boat Show in November 2007. The conceptual category is for vessels that have not yet been built, and Pat's winning design was the "Trekker 75", a long-range trawler yacht with many unique features.

Patrick J. Bray was awarded Second Place in the Salon Nautico International de Barcelona / Madrid Diseno de Yates Awards, Production Category for Technical Innovation and Yacht Design at the Barcelona International Boat Show in November 2006. As a finalist, Patrick attended the Award Ceremonies in Barcelona, where he also received special mention for the innovations in his research project on Fuel Efficient Hull Technologies.

Published Work and Articles
Our designs and technological advances have been recognized and published by many of the world's leading yachting magazines, including Showboats, Yachts International, Power & Motoryacht, Boat International, Yacht Design, PassageMaker, Southern Boating, to name a few. Also we have had technical papers published by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, and by the Madrid Diseno de Yates.

Patrick J. Bray, Naval Architect
Patrick has been involved with boating since high school, helping his father to build a 30-foot cutter sailboat. This fixed his resolve to became a yacht designer, and led him to apprentice with both designers and builders, gaining further practical experience to complement his extensive theoretical studies. He now has more than thirty years of design experience and a reputation for producing vessels that exceed the clients' requirements and performance expectations. Pat heads up this family business with a core design team that includes his wife and business partner Caroline and their daughter Jen Bray, a specialist in computer drafting. Consultants are also brought on board, as and when their specialized knowledge is required by a certain project. This gives a significant design advantage, ensuring that every project is given the maximum attention and input.

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