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Custom Services ....

Providing services to:
Private individuals

For all your requirements:
Research and development
Super fuel-efficient hull designs
Bray keels
Bulbous bow designs
Bi-foil skegs
Technical studies
Powering Estimates
Reports concerning structures
Propeller calculations
Stability reports
Weight calculations
Feasibility studies
Operational aspects for all types of marine equipment
Open water and tank model test programs

Other model test videos

Research is a part of our company name, and an important part of our work. We have made a commitment to an ongoing quest for excellence in design. As a part of that commitment, we initiate independent research projects and offer various high quality maritime technical services.

Our wide body hull form has excellent stability characteristics performing far beyond the minimums set by International Classification Societies. Typically we achieve positive stability past 150 degrees of heel.

Our fixed and our fixed/active stabilizers have been fitted to all our own designs as well as retrofitted to numerous other vessels as large as 120 ft. The fixed forward edge increases efficiency and provides protection from damage. One vessel operated all summer in Alaska hitting "bergy bits" with great success. We have also designed them for zero speed stabilization although they do provide above average dampening at rest with the passive system.


Our ongoing work in Super Fuel Efficient hull technology has spanned more than 15 years. We do the most bulbous bow work on yachts in North America. We have retrofitted bow bulbs to over 40 existing vessels from 40' to 160' and model tested and built over a dozen new designs. Our bulb design is effective up to 20 knots producing a 15% - 25% reduction in powering. Generally our yachts are 30% more fuel efficient than most and we have won international awards for this innovative technology.

Typical trawler-type hull at 13 knots

Bray Yacht Design trawler-type hull at 13 knots

We are currently developing new technology which will push this advantage another 10 - 15%, making our designs the most advance hull forms in the world. This translates into real-time savings: far less fuel consumption to achieve the same speed, smaller engines, and much less fuel tankage for the same range. Not only does this help to reduce build costs, it also has a very dramatic impact on operating expense. The added bonus is in a significantly larger interior space for accommodations as requirements for both tankage and mechanical spaces are smaller. Pitching motions and bow wave height are also reduced, resulting in a significant increase in comfort under way and a low profile wave train.

Some of the existing vessels that have added a bow bulb are;
Hatteras 58 long range
Hatteras 65
Symbol 72
Bruce Roberts 85
Bruce Roberts Euro 12m
Numerous custom vessels

We have also done all the bow bulbs for Citadel Yachts (was Aleutian), INACE, and RealShips as well as all of our own custom designs.

100 knot power boats


Open Water model studies can be undertaken according to specific project needs with our own equipment, and tank testing studies can also be run as required. We work with model test tanks all over the world and can custom tailor a program to suit your exact needs.

Model Tank Testing

Resistant testing

Underwater Analysis

Computer generated hydrostatic cross curves, righting arm, intact stability, floodable length, and tank capacity calculations for virtually any type of vessel are available as required. Stability calculations and vessel loading can be prepared to meet the requirements of Transport Canada Ship Safety, Canadian Forces, International Maritime Organization, U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Navy.

Vessels may be designed to meet the rules of the American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's, and Transport Canada Ship Safety.



Presentation material may be prepared, both 2D and 3D, based on initial design concepts to show the finished product in its best light. As the need arises for special skills, we work with outside consultants as required to achieve a desired design goal. Whether is it world renowned stylists and interior designers


or scientists from specific disciplines. Propeller and nozzle design as well as propulsion, resistance, performance prediction and various calculations can all be made available. Specialized structural, heating, ventilation, electrical and mechanical engineering design and consultative services can also be provided.

Models for static display as well as for testing can be commissioned.

State of the art propellers


In short we can be a one stop, full service organization for all your needs or we can be part of a team that we put together or that you have assembled to make your project come to life. Do you have a dream project? Send us an enquiry . We would be happy to discuss it with you.

Patrick J. Bray,
Naval Architect

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