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Custom Builds ....

We have been designing custom vessels and working with shipyards to provide our clients with their ideal yacht for over 40 years. We work with shipyards all over the world, with locations dependant on build material, vessel size, level of quality, budget, and convenience(to the client or to us) depending on who will spend the most time on site.

Bray Yacht Design handles the complete design, working directly with the client or their representative. Our vessels range from 45 ft. (13.7m) to 150 ft. (45.7m). The smaller sizes are generally all aluminium, while the larger sizes are steel hull and aluminium or composite superstructure.

We use our extensively model tested and ocean proven hull forms and base the build format on a standard structural package and mechanical layout. This makes the build more like a series build which saves time and money and simplifies the build process for the shipyard.

The profile and styling can be changed dramatically within the parameters of the parent form. Both the bow and stern can be changed, a different superstructure, and of course entirely custom interior layout.

Examples of these vessels can best be seen on our YouTube channel, Bray Yacht Design. There are videos of our model testingshowing hull performance, as well as individual videos for the various build sizes.

Build Series
OS 135 (42m) Series -
OS 125 (38m) Series -
OS 100 (30m) Series -
OS 86 (26m) Series -
OS 76 (23m) Series -
OS 66 (20m) Series -

This is what some of our clients have to say;

Cape Scott 86 - MV "Amnesia IV"
"The trip from Vancouver, B.C. to San Diego, CA took 7 days with an average speed of 9.6 knots over the ground. With generator run time included we averaged 3 litres per mile (6.25 US gal/ hr). Even in 40+ knot winds and really big seas the boat handled very well." From the delivery trials Sept. 20, 2004
OS 86' Sportfish - MV "No Boundaries"
"We have recently finished a hard 1300nm leg from Okinawa to Guam (where we are currently moored). The conditions were severe including 30-40knot NW winds and a sea state that grew to 14-16 ft. swells/waves taken on the port beam and port bow for several days. She's been outstanding in some extremely inclement weather. Weather is hot and sunny here in Subic Bay, Philippines."
OS 76 Sportfish - MV "Miss Betty"
"We have logged over 8,000 miles in conditions far exceeding those encountered by normal recreational vessels. On several occasions in wind conditions in excess of 40 knots. At no time did we feel the vessel was beyond her capabilities.Since returning home we cruise the west coast of California and Mexico on trips ranging from 1 day to 2 weeks travelling up to 1,200 miles without making port."
OS 76 - MV "Kookaburra"
Vancouver to Alaska
"1720 nm on 6000 ltrs of fuel, incl about 4 hours of genset/ day. We run at 1425 rpm and that is 8.2 knots (0.92 us gl/nm, 1.1 nm/us gl)." Spends summer in Alaska and winter in Mexico.
Cape Flattery (Washington State) to Cabo (Baja Mexico)
"Fuel consumption, harbour to harbour was about 1us gl/nm, genset use was minimal, say 3 hrs/day, average distance run was 210nm/day @ 1570rpm (8.75 knots)."
Latitude 49 - MV "John W"
"We had been running in excess of 36 hours, averaging 9-10 knots with no problems.During the course of the trip we experienced 6 - 10' following and beam seas as well as 4' steep chop on the inland sounds. The vessel proved to provide a very stable platform in all conditions."
Latitude 49 - MV "Julie Kay"
"Just checking in. The Julie Kay is handling beautifully. The bulbous bow and fin design aregiving us the smoothest ride ever."

These yachts are designed and built for owners who knows what they are looking for - performance, practicality, versatility, strength, comfort, and safety. Why not talk to us about building your next long-range cruiser?

Our goal is to create for you exactly what you want. Not to sell you on whatever stock we have. Making dreams come true since 1974. What's your dream?

Price is solely dependent on level of finish and equipment specified. Broker inquiries are encouraged.

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